What Is The Truth of Love?

Posted by Mamas_Wae On Thursday, April 17, 2014 0 comments
There was a movie which declared that love means never having to say you're sorry. Just think about that. If you truly love another what word or action was performed that needed you to say, "I'm sorry!" Many of us are very confrontational towards each other and many are emotionally abused by words by a person who says they love them. We fight, argue, curse one another, even hit each other then say we are sorry and that we love each other.

What is the significance of this word love?

Why do we believe we can act any way we choose and have the word love erase the depths of despair?

Is the word and emotion we attach to saying this word love magical?

Do we simply not know how to truly love ourselves or another?

We marry because we fall in love then we divorce because we fall out of love. Some remain friends while others hate each other which separates a family by placing children in the middle. The children suffer from the actions they are witness to. Love seems to be a very powerful, confused, misused word in our vocabulary. Love is blind many say. The symbol for love is a heart. We each have a heart in the middle of our chest, as well as, all living animals on the planet. Even a tree has a heart at its core. Let's think about our heart and the emotions we attach to it. Grief, sorrow, loss, death, anger, joy, happiness, and love can fill our heart on a daily basis because of any situation we are experiencing. No matter what at the end of the day we are either sorry for our actions or not. We will use the words, "I love you" to erase the pain inflicted on another by us. What of the abused who develops hope that they are loved because of these words until the next time. A vicious cycle is created because of the two sentences, IAM sorry and I love you!

Can the true definition of love simply mean that we are attracted to someone or something. Like when we say, "I love this restaurant!" Is the word love misused by all of us? Can this word be defined by us in a relationship as hope? It is written that there are different kinds of love as in how we love our parents, spouses, children and animals. I agree that if you ever use the word love in a sentence there should never be anything to be sorry for. As a being alive on this planet at this time we all need to open our hearts to love who we are, be attracted to you.

Enjoy yourself, actually get to know what you desire in life. What makes you happy, joyful, excited. To me that is experiencing true love of self. To know you are great as you are then you will see others as the great beings they are. If we are all one connected by a belief called love stop being hurtful, abusive and angry in any way or form. How you think of yourself and how you treat another is your fears of projection or love. Respect for yourself, equals love for you, which is how you will be towards others. By being aware of your words and actions because you choose to think before you speak there will never be any reason to say, "IAM sorry!"

Love! What does this word mean to you? Do you feel loved? Are you loving and never abusive? If you truly love yourself you will be capable of loving others. There will be no sorrow or regrets. When you love you open your heart to all of life.


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