The Distinction Between Really like and a Crush

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It occurred the moment you met her; it occurred in an instant; you were not prepared, and immediately it started. You met someone, and instantly you can think that lovely, smooth, smooth sensation beginning in your center, the hurry of enjoyment when you are with her. When she looks at you, your center increases to levels you never thought were possible before; when she looks away or at someone else, a minor pulling sensation is experienced in your center, until she changes back to look at you and it is immediately recovered and restored! You invest evenings thinking about her - you can't rest. Preparation is a distraction; homework takes forever; you invest your training dreaming in a reverie. Are you in love?

NOT YET. What I have described above is a full-on grind and it can occur whenever you want, to ladies or guys. It's interesting, powerful, changing, thrilling - but, actually, it's not love. So what IS love? These are the variations between a grind and love -

1. A CRUSH - A grind is very interesting, your feelings are up and down all time, you can't think about learning, can't rest at night, you think about the one you like all time, you are always concerning, you experience afraid that he or she will keep you, you can't always believe in him or her, your center surpasses quick, a grind continues a few months, when it finishes, you experience sad, plus it always finishes.

2. LOVE - Really like seems very relaxing, your feelings are stable, you find that you can study better than before, you rest well, you think about the one you like in silent minutes, don't fear much, you experience assured that he or she will stay with you, you can believe in him or her, your center surpasses quick at time you want it to, love continues a long time, if it finishes, you still happy that it occurred, plus it can continue permanently, even after loss of life.

Crushes are not actual. Really like is actual. If you have a grind on someone, it means you don't love him or her yet. Mashes always end, but it could end by creating into soul mates, which would be great. However, if no, then a grind is likely to end rather poorly.

I wish this information helps you to understand the actual difference, so that you can recognize soul mates when you've found it!


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